There are many instances in our lives where you have to make a difference and to break free of the ordinary. Tuktourgreece is what you need for those occasions:

Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

All day or all night with your personal driver on a ride in town with upbeat party vibes, all eyes on you and the schedule is yours to command. How does that sound? Our three-wheel vehicles will lift your already joyful mood, and there will be no ending to your playful interactions with passers-by.


You and her. In the back seat of a vehicle that she has never seen before in her life, only maybe in fairytales. And all you want is exactly that, to provide for her a life just like a fairytale. We guarantee that she will love your choice of transportation with a tuktourgreece vehicle on the night that you propose to her.



The very specific look of our vehicles is the icing on the cake when it comes to celebrating your name day, your child’s birthday, or a decade of marriage. That can translate to a ride into town or on an island with a decorated tuk tuk, or to your transportation to the event with the vehicle so that you can make a grand entrance. Because sometimes it’s not enough to just arrive but to also make your presence known in an unexpected way. Our vehicles can remain parked at the event area for photographs, giving the venue an elevated look.

Corporate events

Try one of our three-wheel vehicles to give the event venue a one of a kind look and feel. Any one of our vehicles will easily achieve such an outcome and you will receive the best feedback for your choice.

Please keep in mind that we operate discreetly, and dependability, safety and attentiveness to detail are values we hold high and do not negotiate. We are committed to dealing with every one of your events as if they were our own.