Tuktourgreece is very active in the hospitality industry and is very interested in exchanging customer bases and collaborating with other businesses in the field. Our goal is to offer the best possible experience for the millions of visitors who choose our country. We deeply believe that through cooperation the benefits for both parties can skyrocket, and we are committed to maintaining those partnerships.

Some potential collaborations might be:

  • With an event planning office that is interested in offering transportation with our vehicles.
  • With a traveling agency that is interested in offering their customers one of a kind experiences.
  • With hotels that are simply interested in magnetizing the gazes of pedestrians by decorating their entrance with one of our vehicles.
  • With businesses active in hospitality that are interested increasing their clientele by hiring us to transport their customers to them.

We are open and willing to discuss any kind of combination of the above suggestions as well as other ideas that might be convenient to you. Our focus is satisfying the customer who is seeking enjoyment and entertainment.