Business Promotion

event promotion and product launches

Whether you are trying to raise awareness about your business or you are launching a new product in the market, or even if you want to advertise a big upcoming event in which you have partaken as a planner or coordinator like a conference, party, concert, sport event, theater performance and any other artistic type of event, we provide the most efficient way in the market.

You will be amazed when you realize how magnetic our stylish vehicles can be when driving down the streets of your city or island. If you are in the mood and you have the time, we invite you for a test drive to discover it for yourselves. Choose us for your advertisement and allow us to do what we do best!! Come over and help us choose the best decorations for the vehicle so that it represents you, and expose your business, event, or product to hundreds of passers-by who will be in awe at the site.

Specific Ideas
  • Illuminated sign.
  • Poster.
  • Driver’s outfit.
  • Offering free samples (parked vehicle).
  • Sticker.
  • Full rental with your own stuff.

And whatever else you might think of, we can discuss it!!